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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you paint the curb?

Yes. There are a few places that painting a curb can be benificial; e.g. fire lanes and hydrants, no parking zones, to fit a color scheme, or as a protective coating.  Let us know that you are interested and we will gladly work up a quote for you.


How long will the paint last?

There is no way to truely know. The two main factors are traffic and surface condition. A high traffic parkinglot could be repainted every year, at the same time some lots last 5-7 years. We do offer a repeat customer discount to make sure that if it needs to be painted again we will give you the best price available.


Do have shut down my busniess/ parking lot?

If we can we can really get the job done and out of your hair much faster. At the same time this is not required by any means. We can shut off parkinglots sectionally and work with a systamatic method to get the job done while your business runs with very little to no inconveinece. We also may be able to work at night when your business is already closed.


How long does it take the paint to dry?

It is weather dependent. On a dry summer day with a slight breeze the paint could dry in as low as 5 mins. A humid winter day could be closer to an hour. Typically we keep traffic off of it around 30-40mins. If the paint isn't yellow, white, or blue; the paint could not have the quick dry base that allows it to dry so fast. Other colors can take hours. 


When can you paint?

We are here to fit your needs. We work in the early morning to the middle of the night. We work week days and weekends. Let us know whats best for you. Conditions that we cant paint are when there is forecasted rain or the temperatures start to drop below 45°F. 

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